Build yourself a fun craft Animal circus!

We have a really amazing Do It Yourself Product, which lets your child create a complete circus, with a tent and animals. This can easily keep the child busy for many hours. The final outcome is so amazing that the whole family will be delighted.

We are sharing the method step-by-step. Hope all of you have a great time building this beauty together as a family.

Tent/ Cone: paint upto flag.
Tent ends: paste them together.
Bulb socket: attach it to the already cut grey round board on the hole provided.
Paste the edges of this inside the round box.


Animals and trees can be painted. They can be turned around and pasted on the top back to back.

The green tissue-shreds can be used for the trees as well as grass.

Tray of the outer box- spread the tissue paper all over the tray and giving a grassy look wherever required.

The tissue papers can be crushed too to give a rugged look.

Place the already made tent on the grassy ground along with the animals, trees, and birds.

You are ready with your circus. Enjoy it

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