DIY Paper Weaving Wall Decor Set of 3 Animal Activity Kit- ELEPHANT, RABBIT & CAT


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Children can now stay productively engaged for hours and unleash their creativity, while having fun and learning all at the same time, with our DIY weaving wall decor kit!
This all in 1 pack includes complete materials for kids to weave, paste, decorate, create their very own unique, personalized wall decors and preserve and showcase their creativity!
3 different animal activities will keep the kids engaged for days, while improving their fine motor skills and enhancing their creative thinking. Also a great way to reduce their screen time and allow parents to spend quality time with their kids and bond over this great crafting activity!
Great for home decoration and personalized gifting.
Proudly made in India using eco friendly papers and recycled materials.


Pre-cut animal shaped bases
Colored backer card
Colorful paper strips for animal weaving activity
3D Precut Paper wall mount for wall decor
Multiple accessories and decorations like colored paper shred, paper confetti and cutouts, googly eyes, etc.


Product weight 600gsm
Product dimension 15.5x11x2
Finished Products Size 36×12 3Pcs


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