DIY Wall Decor Art Craft Colorful Decoration


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Become an artist!!
Paint on this easy to color and and stick DIY wall decor photo hanging.
Get your kid one of these craft kits with colorful creative materials from Kidsy Winsy and let them explore and express their creativity!
Great for wall decor, photo decorations and personalized gifting with messages.
Improves fine motor skills and creative thinking, keeps children productively engaged in a fun way and helps reduce their screen time! Also a great way for parents to spend quality time with their kids and bond over this great crafting activity.
Proudly made in India using eco friendly papers and recycled materials.

Craft Wall Décor
Coloured Tissue Shred
Butterfly Cutout
Photo Window Cutout
Printed T Shaped Cutout


Product weight 250gsm
Product dimension 10x10x1.25
Finished Products Size 10x10x1.25


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