Mumzoo DIY Craft Kit | Value Paper Arts and Crafts Pack with Multiple Activities | Great for Decoration and Gifting | Suitable for Kids Aged 3-9 Years


Product Description

Create your own magical world full of animal themed hand puppets and face masks and decorate these inside DIY paper weaving baskets with this all-in-one DIY crafting Mumzoo Activity Pack! This unique Kit comes with complete pre-cut DIY material for 2 face masks, 2 hand puppets and 2 weaving baskets.

This immersive DIY craft activity kit includes all the materials needed to keep children creatively engaged for hours, preserve and showcase their creativity while improving their fine motor skills and enhancing their creative thinking!

Great for decorating and creating that special corner inside their room or living area and for special unique gifting for birthdays, return gifts etc. Proudly made in India using eco friendly papers and recycled materials.

Save yourself time and energy sourcing and collecting the required materials with our all in one craft kit, all the materials, animals, cutouts, accessories etc. included.

  • LEARNING MADE FUN – Animal face masks and hand puppets are fascinating for children for all ages, while paper weaving keeps them engaged for hours. While kids are having fun making their own creations, this kit teaches them the underrated skills of crafting and story telling. These activities also improve concentration, fine motor skills, creative thinking and boost confidence and personality development!
  • UNLIMITED CREATIVITY – Let your child craft, paste and create in their own unique way! While this kit includes pre-cut materials for easy and fun crafting, kids can play with the wide variety of materials and let their creative horses run wild, as far as their imagination takes them. They can also decorate their room or birthday party in their own style and show off their creations with pride!
  • LESSER SCREEN TIME – This activity kit is a great way to keep children away from their TV and phone screens while teaching them the valuable art of paper crafting. It also gives parents a great opportunity to spend quality time with their kids, bond over these crafting activities and watch their kids learn and grow!
  • WHAT’S IN THE BOX – Complete pre-cut DIY material for 2 animal themed face masks, 2 animal themed hand puppets and 2 weaving baskets, including all required accessories and components.


Product weight 400 gsm
Product dimension 12.5×10.5×1″
Finished Products Size 12.5×10.5×1″
Product Material Recycled paper


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