DIY Flower Kit


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Pack of 6 piece
Decorate your room, your living space or your special occasion with these unique DIY paper flowers! This kit is a great activity to keep you creatively engaged and improve fine motor skills while having fun. 6 assorted colored flowers make for eye catching decorations to add life and spark to your home!
Also a great way to reduce screen time and allow parents to spend quality time with their kids and bond over this great crafting activity.
This kit includes strips of colorful papers with a pre cut, ready to use base to make a clear shape in the Flower. DIY crafting, Decorations, Easy to use to make nice Flowers. Interesting accessories for parties and home decor!
Proudly made in India using eco friendly papers and recycled materials. 

Colorful designer paper strips to make beautiful DIY paper flowers
Pre-cut ready to use base

Enjoy the making!


Product weight 250gms
Product dimension 12x5x0.5
Finished Products Size 12x12x1


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